Words and deeds

My Lyft driver did not speak much English. She was courteous, smiled, and answered questions with an “ok”. She struggled a tad bit with directions but took my suggestion to turn right, in the right sense. And then there was this simple sign in front of the back seat. I requested her to increase the air in the car, which she did.

Not many words… just deeds and a sign. I think customer care is indeed in deeds!

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Not all who wander are lost
– J.R.R.Tolkien

An airport that is an ocean, by the bay. Two iterations to find the spot where ride share pick ups are… and then two hotels nearby with slight name variations. I alighted, thanking my chatty Lyft driver. At the lobby, the attendant told me I am in the wrong hotel. “The other one is walkable”, she said.

While I walked, weary from a long day’s travel, I stopped at this little spot to take a shot and reflect!

Burlingame, CA

The line from FOTR rang clear as I later thought of a caption.

Corollary: It is by wandering that we find ourselves!

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My earliest memory of a palindrome is in my mother tongue, Tamil. My dad cheerily said, “mo-ru po-ru mo”, meaning, “Is that enough buttermilk?” (read each syllable as a letter as that is how appears in Tamil) and my older sister explained that it’s the same backwards. I was fascinated for sure.

Later, in high school, I fell in love with the topic again when we were taught to programmatically check for a palindrome using functions in BASIC.

I was thinking about this topic just a day or so ago and today chanced on this really neat video on palindromes. The narrator has a good sense of humor and talks about palindromes in many languages, and with spatial variations (reflective, rotated etc).

When I was in college, I mentioned to a friend from a different state in India, “Languages are different ways in which we twist our tongues.” I now think languages are different variations of how we twist our minds and then tongues. Palindromes give a nice twist to the words! Hope you enjoy this video.

Do share your favorite palindrome in a comment.

Palindromes by Robwords

Greenville, SC: A pictorial story

A business trip to Greenville, South Carolina. A few strolls in the evening gave some joyful moments.

Wall art, right outside the gate in the terminal gives you a pleasant welcome!
Mr. Bones, the name I gave this dog.
Falls on the Reedy river. Makes us feel ever ready to stroll by and click away!
What is special about these clocks at the Lazy Goat restaurant? None of them run. Apparently they want you to forget time… er, forget about time!
A magical building lit up with charm!
The setting sun setting embers on fire on the windows of a uniquely designed building.
Right outside the airport terminal, is a nice nook to eat your lunch overlooking some energetic sculptures. I am thinking these are intended to bring out the child in each of us!

A pleasantly green city, master planned, with trails by the river to walk or just wander around – Greenville is fresh and calm!